The article also contains many examples of different rooms in the “modern” and “minimalist” styles.

Probably no one will argue with the statement that there is nothing better than open space.

In open space, it is easier to breathe, and there is more air, and freedom is more palpable. Surely many of you are familiar with this.

Leaving a cramped city, when you find yourself in a field or in a wide meadow, you very clearly begin to realize this. At this moment, you want to take off, rejoicing in the space and freedom.

It has been noticed that people for whom negligence, including disorder, is the norm, seem to be smarter than the rest.

However, it is also known that women, in the midst of turmoil and confusion, produce the stress hormone cortisol.

Many men should be well aware of this. In fairness, it should be noted that among men there are those who do not like disorder.

Therefore, for many, cleanliness in the house is a guarantee of peace. But cleanliness must be monitored, always maintained, and this requires daily efforts.

To simplify your life, and, at the same time, always have order in the house, you have to become a minimalist!

blue and white living room

Take a look around your home or apartment. What do you see starting from the hallway? There may be piles of some kind of paper (perhaps mail, newspapers, receipts, etc.), car keys, sunglasses, an empty cup, and other random items that clearly do not belong here.

And this is just the beginning. Kitchen table and dining table – these surfaces, like a powerful magnet, attract all kinds of things and gizmos, thereby creating a mess.

If you are determined to create minimalist order in the interiors of your house or apartment, you need to get down to business!

First of all, you need to ask yourself what exactly can be removed out of sight, what items are not essential and unnecessary.

For each thing and for each item, depending on their daily importance, it is necessary to organize their storage. As soon as you agree with such a new approach and with a new vision, you will walk through all the rooms, though all the nooks and crannies of your house.

Very soon, you will understand how everything can be simplified and minimized. Every object and everything in the house should have its own place, but not on visible surfaces, but where they will not be visible.

Tip 2: Create a minimalist foundation

grey living room decoration

If you decide to create minimalism in the interiors of your home, you need to build on the main basic points of this style.

In this style, designers use predominant colors from biscuit to gray and all shades in between. Why? The answer is simple: these colors are fresh and at the same time soothing.

And if it seems to someone that such colors are dull and boring, in fact, everything is quite the opposite.

Many of us prefer white in the interior, some are even fans of all white. In this form, the interiors seem to be smooth and stylish.

However, designers argue that there is no pure white color – the white color will definitely include various shades.

For example, shades of yellow will give white paint a warm, creamy tone. To balance the interiors of rooms where there is a lot of natural light, you can use colder shades of white, and then the color will be perceived as warmer.

Those rooms were a lot of artificial LED or fluorescent lighting is supposed to look very cool.

If you want to introduce any color, be sure to choose dark pigments that contrast well, but also work well with a neutral color. These pigments include brown, tan and green, and of course their shades.

Tip 3: choose quality over quantity

white velvet sofa

The task of the work, within the framework of aesthetic perception, is how to properly organize the process.

In fact, it is not so simple as it might seem. Before any new thing enters your new interior, you need to carefully consider and evaluate every detail. Your goal should be to arrange space so that you want to spend time in it as long as possible.

It is well known that it is better to invest and invest in purchasing quality items – classic items that will truly stand the test of time and will always interest you.

Do not give in to the impulses to purchase some fashionable things that will surely tire you out quickly.

Choosing the right things, well-made, will delight the eye with daily use and will only look better over time. For example, things with a natural patina always look attractive and stylish.

Tip 4: You need to be philosophical about life

cream and grey living room

It’s amazing how quickly a person gets overgrown with things in a short period of time!

Not long ago, from the moment you moved into a new apartment or house, kitchen drawers and pencil cases, cabinets in the bedroom and bathroom were empty, when suddenly they suddenly became overflowing with irrelevant things that only create trash and collect dust!

This picture is probably familiar to many. Even when you do not see this “material”, it gradually clutters up more and more free space, taking up space in the house.

This means that it is time to clear all these deposits of unnecessary and irrelevant things!

Whatever the dilemma torments you – to throw away or keep some things further, you can apply the rule “one by one”: all items that come into your house must wait for their turn.

A simple, but at the same time, brilliant philosophical thought consists, in this case, in the fact that the fewer things, the better. No need to purchase similar items.

In life, it so happens that one similar element is replaced with another and there are already twice as many of them in your house.

Tip 5: use a variety of solid textures

white and grey living room furniture

In a room with a minimalist interior with neutral tones, you can feel a little cool. However, there is a flawless trick that fixes this: texture!

To raise the “temperature”, to give the interior warmth, various knitted elements will help pillows, sheepskin rugs, velvet decor. All these elements give the interior a warm comfort.

At the same time, one should pay attention to the restraint of the colors of these elements included in the interior. It is important that they all fall into the general compositional tone.

Additional decorative elements in a minimalist interior should be calculated and precise.

Architects and designers recommend not mixing many different textures and colored materials. Discomfort and persistent headaches are guaranteed as a result of such unbridledness.

If the base color of your interiors is white, then choose colors that are close to it: beige, bluish, tan, or whatever colors you see in nature. As a rule, colors from Mother Nature always match well.

Tip 6: Invest in stylish storage

cream velvet sofa

We have come to the point that you have finally managed to eliminate the disorder in your apartment or house. In doing so, you took advantage of our advice.

However, after all, your actions, there are still very necessary items that you always need, which should always be at hand.

In order to have a place for these necessary things, we recommend purchasing stylish storage items. Let the chaos that could be outside be inside the chic and stylish storage!

It can be a variety of baskets, dressers, boxes, drawers and other similar items. This is great news for those who prefer a minimalist look but are also a maximalist at heart.

You don’t have to give up your hobbies completely, like collecting, and the clever clutter-lovers should leave or put up with it!

Tip 7: keep the space clean

cotton sofa

Now that you know all the steps to style minimalism in your home, let’s take this opportunity to reaffirm a fundamental philosophical thought: greatness and beauty in simplicity!

By following this simple setup, it will not mean that you will be bored. Minimalism is really, maybe, beautiful, warm, rich and attractive.

Just take the first step, and then another and another, and then relax and indulge in the enjoyment of the peaceful, calming space that you have become the creator.

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