One of the challenges often faced when decorating a living room is to know where to start. Often, one stands in the middle of the room, ruminating on where to get things started.

The task becomes more tedious when certain furniture, such as funky chairs, is to be arranged in the room.

How do you design your living room with funky chairs to give an eye-catching taste?

Well, we found that the best way to go about this is to plan the arrangement of the chairs with the furniture layout and other accessories in the room, and here is our guide.

Living Room Layouts

living room with brown leather sofa

Before you embark on designing your living room with funky chairs, it’s important to put other furniture into consideration.

While doing this, the first step to take is to know the capacity of the living room you’re about to decorate.

Knowing the size of the living room helps to know the best design to go with. Also, ensure you have a complete list of everything you’re going to arrange in the room.

After measuring the living room, draw it on a small piece of paper using a good scale, say 1 niche for 1ft, meaning that if the length of the room is 30 feet, the length on the paper will be 30 inches.

Then, measure each piece of the furniture, such as funky living room accent chairs and lounge chairs, after which you create paper furniture to represent them using the same scale. You can play with this to know how fit they’re into the design.

Decide On a Focal Point

white velvet sofa

Your next step of action is to determine the focal point. Knowing the focal point helps know where everything falls into in the living room.

This includes where the chandelier, artwork, and TV fall are placed in the living room. When placing the television in its right position, remember to keep the viewing distance between 8 to 12 feet and the viewing angle at 30 degrees.

So the main sofa with two or more chairs (depending on the size of the living room) should be placed directly opposite the TV wall.

After this, add other pieces of the set of funky chairs to either side of the television wall to give a visual balance and round out the seating area. This should form a semi-circular furniture arrangement.

When making this arrangement, it’s also important to add a space of not more than 8 feet between the funky chairs. This is to enhance easy interaction between families and friends.

funky chairs

However, if a living room with no television or heart is to be designed with funky chairs, a central focal length is the ideal way to go.

Here, place a coffee table in the middle of the room and arrange the chairs around it, forming a circle. If funky dining chairs are involved, you’ll need to strategically find the appropriate position for them. And you will need to know ways to choose the color of the furniture according to color scheme.

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