Pet owners often find that their pets can ruin furniture. Many do not know how to return it to its former appearance and avoid another purchase.

We will tell you how to easily get rid of wool and odour from furniture, restore damaged upholstery and frame, as well as choose additional protection and care.

How to get rid of pet hair?

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Failure to clean the wool in time will not only ruin the upholstery but also increase the risk of allergies.

There are several ways to help you clean your furniture easily:

Method 1: The easiest way is to use a roller to clean clothes. Peel off the protective layer and run the sticky part over the surface of the sofa or chair. This cleaning will take 3-5 minutes and keep the furniture clean.

Method 2: Another way to quickly remove wool is a brush. Choose a medium bristle that does not damage fabric but can effectively remove even stubborn hairs.

Method 3: For the most intensive cleaning use a vacuum cleaner with a special attachment. These attachments are sold separately or are already included with the vacuum cleaner.

How to get rid of pet smells fast?

How to get rid of pet hair?

A foul smell that easily eats into sofas is another problem pet owners face. The fastest way to fix it is to remove the covers from the furniture and wash in the washing machine.

If the upholstery cannot be removed, apply baking soda to the smelly area, brush, and vacuum thoroughly.

In cats, their natural smell is almost not felt. However, if the pet has left a mark on the furniture, then most often it is impossible to do without additional ways to eliminate the smell. You can:

  • Rub with laundry soap and dilute with water to a paste. Then apply the mixture to the stain and leave for 30 minutes. Wash off and dry.
  • Squeeze out the lemon juice, dip a sponge in it and rub. Then rinse with water to remove the lemon juice.
  • Apply 3% hydrogen peroxide to the stain and leave to dry. Repeat until the smell disappears completely.
  • Dissolve the baking soda with water to a porridge state, apply it to the stain and rub with a brush. After drying, remove the residue with a napkin.

How to repair damaged upholstery?

How to get rid of pet smells

Cats often use furniture as scratching posts, damaging the surface. Dogs might like a soft sofa as a new toy.

If you have fabric upholstery, There are several ways to restore it:

  • Method 1: Take a toothpick and gently press on the tightening point that remains after the animal’s claws. The pulled threads can be returned to their original position by smoothly twisting them inward. This method is economical while allowing the furniture to almost completely return its previous appearance.
  • Method 2: In case of severe damage, the fabric can be pulled over, sewn up, made a patch or buy a cover.

Also, for the preservation of the appearance of the furniture and its long service life, we recommend that you regularly use additional care products.

Taking care of furniture when there are animals in the house is a must. However, our simple tips will help you do it quickly, easily and without additional hassle.

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