It is simple to recognize the Chesterfield sofa in the interior: this piece of furniture has a number of features inherent only in this model.

  • Carriage coupler: Diamond-shaped gaps with decorative buttons are nothing more than decoration today. And originally, such stitches on Chesterfield held the filler in place.
  • One-level backrest and armrests: Thanks to the same height and smooth connection of the vertical parts with each other, anyone will sit comfortably on the sofa.
  • Rounded armrests: The characteristic shape of the sidewalls, reminiscent of columns, looks respectable.
  • Low rise: Achieved by small furniture legs and low seat.

In modern variations of upholstered furniture, designers try to maintain the capitonné (screed) and height, while introducing something new.

For example, changing the shape of the armrests or making a tie over the entire surface, and not just on the back.

The pluses of the Chester sofa in the interior include:

  • classic and timeless appearance.
  • circular finish, allowing the sofa to be used both against the wall and in the center of the room.
  • simple design for strength and reliability.

Disadvantages of this representative of upholstered furniture:

  • Due to the design features, sleeping on a chester is not always convenient
  • A low seat is not suitable for people whose height is taller than 180 cm.
  • The shape, height and width of the armrests are also for everybody’s taste.

What upholstery materials are there?

luxury chesterfield sofa

Since ancient times, the Chesterfield sofa was made only from genuine leather. He had to emphasize the elegance of the English style and look luxurious, the leather upholstery only enhanced this effect.

In modern variations, craftsmen use much more materials, so finding a suitable wallet and taste is not difficult.

Skin: Natural or artificial, often used to replicate vintage models. But before buying, weigh the pros and cons: natural fabric will last for many years, but sitting on it is not always comfortable. Artificial, even the highest quality, in 5-7 years will begin to crumble and crack, ruining the appearance of the sofa.

Suede: If the surface of the skin seems unpleasant to you, there is an analogue no less sophisticated and durable. Natural or artificial suede perfectly emphasizes the shape of the Chesterfield, looks sophisticated in light colors.

Velvet: Want to make an accent? Place a velvet Chester sofa in the interior. The fabric is “bright” by itself, so even in a dark color it will stand out against the background of the finish. The pile looks noble, giving the upholstered furniture a touch of luxury.

Velour: The villi resembles velvet, but is considered more practical. It looks rich in dark and saturated colors. Perfectly “friends” with the caption.

What you shouldn’t sheathe Chesterfield is with matting. The texture of the fabric is similar to burlap and instead of a luxurious piece of furniture, you will get the maximum “rustic chic”. Although in a loft or boho style, such a technique would be appropriate.

modern chesterfield sofa

Color options

If you look at old photos of Chesterfield sofas, you will notice that a dark palette prevailed in the past. This was partly due to the material of the upholstery (genuine leather), partly to the style in which the sofas were used (English classics).

Brown, black, burgundy, green makes furniture visually sophisticated and refined. Shades are still relevant for Chester.

contemporary chesterfield sofa

As the range of fabrics has expanded to an incredible size in recent years, Chesterfield has begun to be made in colors that appeal to customers.

Light furniture is suitable for rooms less than 10-12 sq m: it will not seem bulky and too pretentious.

Bright (yellow, red, green) will create contrast and liven up an overly monochrome living room.

What does it look like in the interior?

chesterfield sofa living room

The description and appearance of the sofa seem to suggest its use in “strict” rooms: an office or a library. For these locations, a dark classic version in leather or velour upholstery is suitable.

The color and shape of the Chester in the living room is not limited by anything – the main thing is that the furniture fits the space in style and scale. Chester is often used for zoning because its back looks no less decorative than the “face”.

Chesterfield for the hall can be straight or angular – depending on the size of the room. In the studio and one-room sofas are installed with a berth . Suitable transformation mechanisms for a chester are a French folding bed (hiding under pillows) or a dolphin (rarely used).

chesterfield couch

When choosing a chester for the kitchen, pay attention to the height of the sofa and table: they must fit together. Standard tables, about 80 cm high, suggest a 45-47 cm seat next to it. If the sofa is lower, it will be uncomfortable to eat.

The most suitable upholstery for the kitchen is leather – it is easy to wash if it gets dirty. But if you prefer fabric, go for the Easy Clean finish. Easy-clean furniture fabrics do not absorb dirt and allow you to easily remove even tricky stains from the surface , such as wine, ketchup, juice, coffee and even brilliant green.

In the bedroom, using a compact sofa, you can create a cozy seating area: put a coffee table, an ottoman and a bookcase next to it. Soft upholstery is preferable : velour or velvet in soft pastel colors. This space is ideal for relaxing after a hard day at work.

When deciding on a Chesterfield, do not skimp on your purchase: a reliable frame, a neat carriage tie and durable, practical upholstery cannot be cheap. But you can be sure: a high-quality model will be inherited by your children, and maybe even grandchildren.

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