The kitchen in every home is a whole world. Here are receptions of friends, family meals, sincere conversations are held.

It is very important that the atmosphere is conducive to cosy gatherings, and comfortable chairs for the dining room to play an important role in this.

At the same time, the entire interior should be pleasing to the eye and create a beautiful picture.

You also need to find furniture that will not break after a couple of years of operation. So a seemingly simple business sometimes turns into a difficult task.

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Chairs differ depending on their configuration and are used for different purposes:

  • Stools do not have a back and armrests, and therefore are not the most comfortable option. But they are easy to hide under the table or in the pantry, and they help out great in a small kitchen.
  • Classic – comfortable products with back support, sometimes handles are added. There are all kinds of sizes and shapes, and therefore you can choose the right furniture for both a tiny room and a large dining room.
  • Bar bars are a must for those who have a bar counter at home. They are characterized by increased height, sometimes one leg is used as a support (as in the photo), in addition, they can often rotate around their axis.
  • Chair-chairs are an improved modification of the classic ones. They are distinguished by a high degree of comfort, which is ensured by anatomical shape, soft filling, and the presence of armrests. They are good only in spacious rooms since they take up a lot of space.

To understand how to choose the right type of furniture for yourself, you should analyze the initial situation and imagine how this or that chair will fit into your apartment.

Chairs seem to be the most ergonomic, but they simply cannot physically fit into a small living space, and you will have to stop at compact classic versions or stools.

The temptation to purchase an unusual, ultra-fashionable setting is very great, but you should not rush.

Do not forget about the main purpose of the subject: to provide comfortable support during meals. So it is still desirable to pay the main attention to the design features of the model.

Choose the perfect seat

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Let’s talk about sizing first. The depth and height should be such that your feet, when you sit, stand on the floor at an angle of 90 degrees, and there is 5-6 cm of free space between the back of the knees and the seat.

This is necessary so that the blood circulates freely and does not cause constriction. The optimal depth is 40–45 cm.

In order to be able to adjust the height, take a look at the products with the “gas lift” system. It allows you to smoothly set the desired level by simply pressing the lever. This is especially true in families where there are small children, short adults, or vice versa, very tall.

The width of the base most often varies between 44-50 cm. If you are not miniature parameters or a person with a large weight is often a guest, you will have to select models with increased width.

The seats are classified as hard or soft. Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Hard: do not differ inconvenience, since they do not contain filler or a very thin layer is provided. But they are durable and, as a rule, easy to take care of them (wiped with a cloth – that’s all). For dwellings where children or animals live – the most practical type.
  • Soft: suitable for those who are used to a long meal. You can sit on the chair with increased comfort due to a large amount of filler made of coconut coir, polypropylene, horsehair or other materials (natural, as a rule, are much more expensive). For convenience, you have to pay with the service life: it is less than that of the tough counterparts, due to the fact that the filler inside is knocked into lumps or pressed through. However, it can be quickly and inexpensively replaced.


The backrest is necessary to relieve the spine while sitting. Be sure to “try on” the chair on yourself and estimate the height and angle of inclination. The backrest should preferably have a slope of about 108 degrees.

There are models with adjustable parameters. They are good because everyone can adjust them to their needs, regardless of weight and height.

The disadvantage of such products is the very presence of additional elements and mechanisms. They have a shorter service life than their non-adaptive counterparts, because something, but will surely break.


Chairs have different configurations depending on the purpose and design. So, traditional wooden models are often placed on four supports, bar ones have one, and products with a metal frame can even rest on a frame.

The main thing to check its stability. The chair should not sway, and the legs should not move apart under the weight of the seated person.

In order not to damage the floor covering, special pads are glued or attached to the legs. You should also pay attention to their quality and strength of fasteners.

On sale you can find options with wheels, but this is a product for a big fan. The beam support and wheels make the kitchen furniture look like an office setting. And in families with small children, such a model will be traumatic.


The armrests provide additional comfort and are conducive to a long stay at the table. At the same time, the presence of handles interferes with compact placement. Typically, such objects take up a lot of space and cannot be pushed under the table.

Choose comfortable material

dining chairs with table

The durability and appearance of the product depending on the materials used in production.


The most popular and versatile type. It is great when chairs are in harmony with wooden tabletops.

Whatever you say, but natural wood gives the room its own special atmosphere. Hardwood products (oak, beech, larch, yew, ash, apple) are durable, and the damaged surface can be restored.

Of the shortcomings, it is noted that a considerable weight and complexity of storage, because these models are usually impossible to stack.


Contrary to popular belief, high-quality plastic is not inferior in strength to wood. And for the price, items with a modern design can give odds to other materials. Plastic is lightweight, easiest to carry from place to place and stack.

Such samples are most suitable for plastic and glass tables.


Fashionable and beautiful wicker furniture will be an excellent alternative to plastic. Lightweight and environmentally friendly, it requires little maintenance. Such objects are successfully combined with a table made of wood, glass, plastic.


Frames are made of steel or chrome-plated aluminium. They are combined with almost any table, it all depends on the design of the seat and backrest.

Such structures are heavy, therefore, in order to reduce weight, the parts from which the frame is made are made hollow inside.


dining room chairs

The seat, backrest and armrests can be upholstered with natural or artificial leather, fabric.

The former, of course, are preferable because of their ease of maintenance; it is enough to simply wipe them with a cloth in case of contamination. But such material is scratched and may suffer from careless handling.

The fabric looks “more comfortable”, but it is more finicky in use: it is difficult to clean and will have to be replaced periodically with a new one. Some types of textiles are treated with a special impregnation that repels dirt. The following fabrics are used for sheathing:

  • Microvolume (jaguar) – allows air to pass freely, and dust and dirt do not collect on it.
  • Tapestry – very beautiful and rich cotton fabric.
  • Flock – in appearance it resembles velvet, while it is easy to clean and does not fade.

You can sew removable covers on furniture, which can be easily removed for washing, and then put back on.

Dining room design

dining roon and living room

The purchase of a table and chairs usually takes place at the end of the renovation, when the finishing work has been carried out and the headset has been installed. It is very important that the purchased furniture is in harmony with the interior. It is not necessary to purchase a kit, you can pick up such a pair yourself.

  • In the classic interior of the dining room, richly decorated wooden samples will be appropriate.
  • Minimalism and modernity are well complemented by simple stylish wood products without unnecessary details. Also, plastic will harmoniously fit here.
  • High-tech hi-tech is emphasized by metal and plastic.
  • When decorating a room in Provence or country style, it is worth picking up objects made of wood, it is possible to use colored or artificially aged samples. For a country, an interesting solution would be to use rattan.

Now it is fashionable to acquire chairs of the same shape with different upholstery colors or painted in all sorts of colors.

These can be calm shades, for example, white and black, variations of beige or rainbow variety. The first case is appropriate for minimalism, modern styles, and bright objects will perfectly fit into country and hi-tech.

In Conclusion

The main rule to remember is that you need to choose a chair based on your own needs. If you are used to eating on the go, do not like feasts, then you do not need chairs. Functional classic chairs or stools are fine.

Consider the size and height of your family members and frequent guests so that everyone is comfortable. We must not forget about the size of the room and its design. Furniture should harmoniously fit into the interior and decorate it.

Have you found your perfect chairs? Tell us how and share your experience.

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