The home furniture should be of high quality, aesthetic and durable – ready for regular use. One of the main components of home furnishing is the sofa.

The sofa, most often, is one of the main living room accessories, a comfortable place for comfortable gatherings with friends and family, a general gathering, and also performs another very important function – a sleeping place.

Therefore, you must know the common mistakes when buying a sofa in order to avoid it and buy the right sofa

What are the most common mistakes when buying a sofa?

mustard sofa with rollar cushions

Buying a sofa shouldn’t be spontaneous, even if the store has a chic piece worthy of attention. Usually, owners of a new sofa forget:

  • measure the dimensions of the sofa (width and length, as well as the height of the back).
  • check the size of the sofa when unfolded.
  • about the compatibility of the sofa with the area of ​ the room, when a bulky soft corner is bought into a small bedroom, occupying the entire space.

Mismatching styles and colors

genuine leather sofa

A sofa is a piece of furniture that cannot be hidden behind a curtain. Its design often complements or sets the style in the interior.

This fact is often not taken into account by buyers who do not pay attention to the mismatch of styles between the sofa and the interior.

In a classic room, a soft corner in the “loft” or “high-tech” style cannot look harmonious. It will look out of place and tasteless.

You can learn more about sofa types and styles so that you can choose the right sofa style for your interior design

No attention is paid to the type of filler

white velvet sofa

No matter how beautiful and stylish a sofa is, its practicality and durability depends on the filler.

Forgetting this point, buyers remain unhappy with an insufficiently strong seat or a backrest that does not hold its shape well. You need to be interested in what’s inside:

  • Soft and hypoallergenic foam rubber, characterized by fragility.
  • Independent block springs for comfort, uniform load distribution and long service life.

Bad choice of transformation system

grey corner sofa bed

Modern sofas have a lot of transformation options. With the wrong choice of a suitable folding system, you can not only quickly break, but also not use this piece of furniture fully.

Correctly selected transformation mechanism will significantly extend the life of the sofa.

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