Living room design in grey tones provides an excellent basis for a variety of shading solutions. Such fashionable and relevant shades not only add a stylish and noble look to the hall but also allow to hide some interior imperfections.

Several salient features:

  • Fits into any style solution.
  • It is an ideal base color that can be complemented with color or graphic accents.
  • Many designers consider this color to be versatile and practical.
  • Gray in abundance creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Shades of gray

Types of couches material

The grayscale has a fairly wide color range, which starts from almost bleached shades and ends with dark, almost black tones. Thanks to this variability, it is possible to find the right solution for any design.

The hall in warm grey tones looks truly luxurious and noble, while the living room decorated in cool steel colors can evoke associations with factory premises.

They will bring light and air into a small room, and also visually increase the space – light gray colors. Saturated dark gray shades will help to disguise planning flaws and small irregularities of different planes.

Combination with other colors

Cosy grey living room ideas in combination with other tones for a more elegant interior, Due to the numerous number of shades, grey is ideally combined with other tones.

white and grey living room

white and grey living room furniture

Similar monochrome colors form a very harmonious duo, giving the atmosphere a special charm. For a comfortable and cozy interior, snow-white tones can be replaced with milk or creamy ones.

The gray and white combination is perfect for those who do not accept an overly bright design. This tandem with the addition of black will look interesting.

Gray-blue interior

blue grey living room

Cool blue color, fills the living room with pleasant freshness and draws attention to itself. Silver or smoky colors will look good in combination with a delicate cornflower blue and blue hue.

pink and grey living room

pink and grey living room

Regardless of the shade of pink chosen, the furnishings take on either a discreet and feminine look, or a pompous and glamorous look.

Hot pink is best used as an accent spot. For example, a gray sofa in the living room can be complemented with stylish fuchsia decorative pillows, and colorful posters or paintings can be placed on monochrome walls.

In the gray living room, graceful vases with pale pink peonies or roses look very beautiful.

Living room in grey-beige tones

beige and grey living room

Beige gives grey more warmth and cosiness. A good solution would be an alliance with sand or powdery colors.

Neutral and noble tones combine to create an elegant and discreet design that blends in perfectly with the living room.

Gray living room design with bright accents

mustard velvet sofa

The gray interior of the living room will perfectly dilute sunny and cheerful yellow blotches. Canary-coloured sofa upholstery, curtains in golden tones, a lamp with a mustard shade, paintings or mirrors in bright lemon frames will add positive notes to the monotonous atmosphere.

Green allows you to fill a gray living room with harmony and peace. Cool emerald or jade colors evoke a sense of relaxation, while warm pistachio, herbal or light green tones create an invigorating atmosphere.

Gray design with lilac accents becomes truly elegant and mysterious, turquoise colors deserve special attention, which gives the living room a royal look.

Living room decoration with grey tones

grey living room decoration

Certain finishing materials can create both a business and austere, as well as a home and cozy living room design.

  • Walls: A decent entourage will give the room textured wallpaper or decorative plaster. A modern interior solution would be to create a darker accent plane against the background of light gray painted or pasted over with plain wallpaper.
  • Floor: Graphite colors are in perfect harmony with beige, brown or white, which can be reflected in wood flooring. The living room looks no less stylish with a floor trimmed with gray laminate, parquet or linoleum.
  • Ceiling: For the ceiling plane, you can choose a pearl, pastel gray or silver version. In this case, it is not recommended to choose complex multi-level ceilings, as they will create extra shadows.

In the event that the surrounding cladding becomes boring, thanks to the universal gray design, there is no need to resort to a major overhaul. You can radically modify the interior with the help of accent decor, textiles or furniture elements.

Cosy grey living room ideas: Need more tips about Hall decoration in various styles, decoration with curtain and choosing the right light to make your interior design more cosy and elegant.

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