What kind of dining room? this is the question a lot of people might ask themselves when looking for inspiration.

Having a beautiful dining room doesn’t necessarily mean it should look formal. In fact, certain elements and designs are usually seen informal dining rooms should be avoided as they have the tendency to make your space feel narrow and cold.

A dining room is one of the most used spaces in the house, that is why it should happen to be comfortable, warm, and inviting – just like your home.

Dining room interior design also has the right to be fun. A symphony of textures and facades, beautiful textiles and an unusual form of furniture can be present in this area:

  • Textile: A waterfall of curtains and small pillows on the chairs. Napkins and tablecloths, an elegant path in the middle of the table. The carpet zones the space.
  • Lighting: Use crystal or metal, bright colors and unusual shapes to match your style. Floor lighting will add charm to space.
  • Furniture: Accentuate chairs: choose models with soft upholstery in a matching color. High backs add luxury. Showcases or tall cabinets with stained-glass windows become decor along with beautiful tableware.
  • Additional decor: Pictures and posters fit perfectly into the interior of the dining area. A small room can be visually expanded with mirrors. Bio fireplace adds comfort and tranquillity.

The dining room is the best place to showcase your collections. Guests will be interested to consider and discuss them during the meal.

A collection of wine can be arranged on an open shelf, and a small change can be put on display cases. In a private house, you can put a grand piano or a large grandfather cuckoo clock.

Tips for choosing a dining table size

comfortable dining chairs uk

A correctly sized dining table not only brings convenience but also harmoniously fits into the interior. First of all, you need to determine how many people the dining area is.

A transforming table is perfect for a small family and frequent guests. Extra chairs can be placed around the room.

For a large family, choose a table that is large enough for everyone to have room. But for combined rooms, proportions must be taken into account. A huge table can ruin the interior and become a place to store unnecessary things.

Calculation formula

According to the laws of ergonomics and etiquette, there should be 60×35 cm for each person at the table.

This allows you to put a dinner plate, cutlery on the sides and the necessary wine glasses. Leave approximately 20 cm in the centre of the table for dishes and decanters.

Add to the indicated size on all sides 75 cm from the edge of the table to the wall or other furniture. This distance is necessary to make it comfortable to move the chair back and get up.

Dining room styles


In the classic style, a chic crystal chandelier over the dining table is required. The table itself is made of wood.

The overall design is done in soft colors. Stone and metal can also be used in modern classics.

The main components of the classics are modesty and muteness. Curtains are selected from multi-layered fabric, fabrics are symmetrically draped. Pictures with landscapes, different-sized vases, a composition of delicate flowers on the table are welcome.

Art Deco

Art Deco style transforms the room into a grand dining room. The style is characterized by luxurious furnishings and finishes. The interior is decorated in neutral colors: white, black, beige, grey, brown. Accents are set in gold, silver, red and burgundy.

Expensive natural materials, wood, stone and natural leather prevail in the design. In furniture and decoration, use mirrors, lacquered and glossy surfaces. The highlight will be the crystal glassware, placed in the backlit stained glass windows.


white dining room chairs

A laconic interior that pays attention to functionality. Monochrome, austere furniture, free space, austere decor are the hallmarks of a minimalist interior.

It is better to make the walls plain and play with texture. Alternate matte with glossy, rough with smooth. It is permissible to combine different textures: concrete, porcelain stoneware, natural linen, wood, metal.


A lot of textiles are typical for the country. Chairs or a small bench decorated with pillows are placed at the table. A tablecloth or track is selected on the tabletop. The decor is complemented by curtains and carpets.

Country furniture is made of dark and light wood. The walls are decorated with wall panelling and patterned wallpaper. Opt for floral, stripe, and plaid. A fireplace is traditionally installed in a country house.

Scandinavian style

cream and grey living room

The Nordic style is characterized by simplicity, functionality, cold palette, restraint in decor. The smaller the room, the less furniture.

Scandinavian interiors do not tolerate clutter and clutter. There should be no glossy or shiny surfaces – only matte.

Use light pastel colors for decoration and decor. The walls are not necessarily only white, light gray, pale blue, olive is also suitable.

The main material should be light wood. For textiles and upholstery, choose linen, cotton and other textured fabrics. For an accent, you can use bright colors, geometric shapes and patterns, wool rug and fluffy pillows.


dining room with warm lighting

The industrial style fits perfectly into the studio space. Suitable for finishing are brick, concrete, cement, decorative plaster, stone. Such cold and brutal materials need to be diluted with bright, but complex colors: burgundy, indigo, olive, mustard.

Contrast with delicate pink removes the masculine character in the interior. Luminaires can be made in metal or without a shade. The wiring does not need to be hidden. A dining table and chairs made of wood with black iron legs will look good.


For traditional Art Nouveau in the interior it is necessary to use wood of the same shade in furniture and decoration. The concept is based on smooth lines and soft transitions.

The ideal dining table is round or oval. Modern Art Nouveau allows you to choose a table made of glass and marble. The interior blends in with antique furniture and decor.

The design of the chairs may echo the Middle Ages or be more modern. Models with high, rounded backs, textile or leather upholstery and carved legs are characteristic. An alternative is chairs with a metal frame and a wooden seat.

The dining room is often a neglected space, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether your dining room is large or small, there are styling tips and ideas for creating a beautiful look you’ll love!

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