Two sofas in the interior of one room is a rare and undeservedly unpopular reception. A pair of sofas can easily replace one large or several armchairs, and such a layout looks more interesting than any other.

The arrangement of two sofas in the interior requires special conditions. The use of paired upholstered furniture should be justified by one of the listed options.

Living room with multiple windows and doors

Living room with multiple windows and doors.

In such a layout, the placement of two sofas is more convenient than one huge one.

In addition, 2 sofas in the living room can be located not only against the wall or opposite each other – which significantly increases the number of ways to organize a recreation area.

Studio or multifunctional hall

How to clean a leather sofa

When several zones need to be placed in one room at once, combining the living room with the kitchen, dining room or bedroom, it is most convenient to divide the space with a sofa.

But when zoning, furniture is not always positioned as you would like, and if there is only one sofa, it may be inconvenient to create a composition with a TV. Two sofas to the room, located perpendicularly, will save the situation.

Apartment with a square hall

Many designers recommend adhering to symmetry in rooms with the correct geometry: in this case, you cannot do without two sofas opposite each other in the living room.

By the way, the symmetrical arrangement is relevant not only for square rooms but for any others.

Recommendations for choosing sofas

elegant living room

The easiest way to combine 2 sofas in a living room is to purchase two absolutely identical copies.

But if you want to make your room with two sofas original, choose models that differ in one of the properties.

  • Form: One of the sofas is corner, the other is straight. At the same time, the material, upholstery color and style remain identical.
  • Size: A large sofa (3-, 4-seater) is taken as a basis, and a small one (2-seater) simply complements it. In all other respects, 100% similarity.
  • Color: One upholstery fabric, but different shades: light and dark, light and bright, dark and bright. Or a neutral plain fabric and a patterned version.
  • Style: If you have a pair of sofas that do not match each other in appearance, then draw them in the same fabric. After the update, they will look very harmonious.
  • Texture: Furniture fabrics are different: from textured matting to velvety velour, pleasant to the touch. If you manage to find the same color in different fabrics, you get an original duet.

To put two sofas in the living room, you should match them not only to each other but also to the interior. The color of the furniture plays the main role here:

  • Light in light: The most neutral combination, which can be made brighter with pillows and other textiles.
  • Dark in dark: Relevant for styles like a loft.
  • Pastel in light: The sofas will stand out from the overall composition, but not too much.
  • Bright in the dark: Black and other deep shades make other colors brighter: therefore, for example, a yellow sofa against a black wall runs the risk of becoming the main accent in the room.

There is also an analogue, complementary, contrasting color combination. If your living room has colored walls, we recommend exploring color combinations around Itten’s circle.

How can you deliver?

You will not have problems with the placement of two sofas, if you study all possible methods in advance and think over the floor plan.

Two Couches Opposite Each Other

Two Couches Opposite Each Other

A relaxation area with two identical sofas facing each other is a classic of the genre. To complete the painting, you need to find a central point: it could be a fireplace, coffee table, TV, carpet, or a large painting in the center of the wall.

Depending on the architectural features of the room, two sofas in the room are placed along the walls, or shifted to the center, thereby freeing up the aisles.

Important: In a spacious living room, you should not move the seats further than 1.5 meters. A larger gap between the seated will interfere with comfortable communication.

L-Shaped Arrangement

L-Shaped Arrangement

It is often used to arrange two sofas in a living room: a large and a small one.

The furniture arranged in this way is convenient for separating the living room in an open space: the corner closed on both sides adds home comfort.

And the number of seats, even on compact sofas, will be sufficient for the whole family.


The idea is based on a parallel plan, which remains to be supplemented with a “partition” (so that the letter P is obtained from the visual side): two armchairs, a couch, a lounger, and other items for sitting.

Advice: You can also place two corner sofas in the living room with the letter P: by completely combining them with corners or leaving space for a small table.


Side-by-side spacing is rarely used in modern living rooms; this option is more suitable for public places where people do not need to communicate with each other. Example: foyer, hotel lobbies.

Backs to each other

It is used extremely rarely, mainly as a zoning technique: for example, in such an interesting way you can combine sofas in the kitchen and hall.

Nuances for a small living room

cosy living room ideas

Two compact sofas have advantages even in small rooms : they are large in capacity, but do not take up much space. When choosing a location option, consider the size of the room and the location of the openings (doors and windows).

For example, in halls 2.5 meters wide and more, there is enough free space for two parallel seats. In narrow and long rooms, it is more convenient to put products with the letter G.

To save space, choose minimalistic compact models, and to visually expand the room – give preference to light upholstery.

White, gray, beige fabrics quickly get dirty and “greasy”. To prevent this from happening, choose upholstery fabrics with easy cleaning technology.

The special impregnation keeps dirt out and makes cleaning easier. You can wipe off wine, herb, chocolate, blood and even felt-tip stains from your sofa with a regular damp cloth, even without detergents.

So that your unusual design is not spoiled by anything, think over the lighting scenarios in advance .

The right light in a living room will help to change its atmosphere to suit the mood and situation.

  • Central lighting. The chandelier is hung in the central point of the living room, between the sofas. Instead of one large chandelier in some interior styles ( minimalism, high-tech ), it is more appropriate to install several built-in small lamps.
  • Additional lighting. Sconces, table lamps or floor lamps located near the armrests will do.

How else to complement the composition so that the living room is not only stylish but also cosy. And with our simple tips, you will make your living room more cosy and elegant.

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