Corner sofas are one of the most comfortable and popular solutions for modern living rooms.

They will end up being an ideal setting for both little and extensive rooms, including non-standard designs.

A corner couch for a little family room is a decent decision. You can most likely observe many preferences and how gainful and noteworthy they look against the overall foundation.

Allow us to harp in more detail on what kinds of these inside things are introduced on the advanced market and how to make a successful plan arrangement dependent on them.


small grey corner sofa

With corner couches, you can without much of a stretch change your front room into an agreeable room and the other way around.

This upholstered furniture successfully contrasts the overall foundation with its non-trifling plan and special style.

It plainly consumes the assigned space, saving free space in a generally little parlour.

Decorative pillows made in a wide variety of colors can give individuality to your chosen sofa.

If you want to purchase a corner sofa for your living room, then initially you will need to take into account the following:

  • type of material (leather or textile).
  • design features (folding and not).
  • dimensions (small or full size).

Let’s take a closer look at each of these options:


material corner sofa

What material is used for upholstery determines not only the aesthetics and
the attractiveness of furniture, but also its practicality, ease of use.

Textile upholstery

Upholstered furniture with textile upholstery is most commonly used in living spaces. Soft and pleasant to the touch, the cover makes the sofa comfortable and comfortable to relax.

Most modern models are equipped with upholstery that has been pre-treated with special impregnations capable of:

  • prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.
  • significantly extend the life of the fabric.
  • make the coating more resistant to moisture.

Such materials, characterized by increased wear resistance, include artificial suede, flock, flock velour, boucle, chenille, microfiber, Teflon flock, color, a courtesan.

If you have small children or there are often many people, then we do not recommend choosing a plain fabric for upholstery, because even the smallest spots and scuffs will be clearly visible.

For you, an excellent option would be a canvas with a convex or bright pronounced pattern that can easily hide such defects.

Textile models will perfectly fit into laconic modern interiors. For hi-tech or minimalism, upholstery in laconic gray-blue tones is suitable, white and black fabrics.

Simplicity should also be present in lines and shapes: straight backs, armrests, clear angles, wood inserts are possible.

Covering with floral motifs will fit beautifully into Provence, country.

For classic solutions and modernity, you can safely choose ornate drawings, with additions of golden thread. Many of them are equipped with removable covers, providing ease of care, and expanding design options.


Leather sofas are not only an interior item, they are a sign of luxury and prosperity of the owners of the house. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, they are endowed with mass advantages.

Enviable practicality and unpretentious care are one of the most significant. Most stains can be removed by simply walking over them with a damp cloth. The service life of such furniture reaches several

Even if natural abrasions appear on the surfaces over time, which will be especially noticeable on the skin of dark shades, then you should not worry too much.

black leather corner sofa

Now your sofa has become a shining representative of vintage style. What designers are trying to recreate artificially, you will succeed with normal use.

Hypoallergenic and environmental friendliness is another advantage of this choice.

Modern technologies allow you to dye the skin in almost any shade, so you can easily pick up decent furniture for your own home.

But most of these sofas look quite voluminous and bulky, that is, they will look good in spacious living rooms. They can overload small rooms, make them visually even smaller.

But if you still want to purchase such soft products for a small room, give preference to models devoid of excessive pretentiousness and volume.

Choose a lighter color scheme. Concise pastel shades are ideal.

Design features

According to their constructive solution, corner sofas can be folding or not. To make the right choice, you need to know only one thing: whether they will be used as a full-fledged bed.

Even if you personally do not plan to sleep on it, you cannot exclude the possibility of the arrival of guests who will need to be accommodated in comfort


A special transformation mechanism is built into this type of interior items, which allows you to turn an ordinary compact sofa into a spacious sleeping bed.

Folding sofas are upholstered furniture that, thanks to the built-in transformation mechanism, easily turns into a comfortable full bed for daily sleep.

The most common transformation mechanisms today are:

  • book and euro book.
  • accordion.
  • puma.
  • sedaflex (American clamshell).
  • French clamshell.

The last two options are the most modern and advanced, guaranteeing maximum comfort while sleeping. When unfolded, they slide forward.

Be sure to take this aspect into account in the selection process: will there be enough space in your living room after you unfold the sofa. In this case, the criminal unit is not involved.

You can fold a blanket or pillows on it, or you can arrange a sleeping place for a small child. In all other products, the corner piece becomes part of the main bed.


If you are sure that your living room does not need a corner sofa equipped with a transformation mechanism, pay attention to non-folding models.

In terms of their comfort, variety of styles, shapes, and textures, they differ little from other modifications.

But their functionality is somewhat limited. The absence of a transformation mechanism significantly extends the service life of the product.

Among the variety of products on the market, it is easy to find the ideal options that harmoniously fit into the corner allotted to them, and into the style of room decoration.

Small and full size corner sofas

small corner sofa uk

Model sizes should be chosen based on the size and layout of your living room. In most cases, such furniture is located directly against the walls.

This is the most economical and ergonomic distribution of usable space, which is especially important for small rooms. In this case, you can put a large enough sofa even 15-16 sq.m.

Earlier in our country, it was not customary to have them with one side to the window, but recently this method of arranging interior items has become more and more popular.

This layout is reasonable enough for small living rooms. Sofas with low backs will not overlap and obstruct the window opening, hindering good natural light.

If you want to create a comfortable sector for relaxation, pay attention to the photo, which shows not one corner sofa in the interior of a small living room, but two facing each other.

You will get a genuinely agreeable region as well as a non-trifling plan arrangement. Ensure that the furniture you pick doesn’t over-burden the encompassing space, meddling with free development around the room, in any event, when the couch is unfurled.

Corner models have since quite a while ago become notable inside things around the globe, supplanting the elegant at the time sets, comprising of a couch and rockers.

This was facilitated by their versatility, as well as their amazing ability to effectively and ergonomically fit into any style and room, including those that cannot boast of large square footage.

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