The color of the sofa in the interior is a fundamental moment that can either improve or completely destroy the chosen design.

We will discuss how to choose the right color scheme below.

monochromatic colour scheme

Practical advice for choosing

all sofa upholstery colors can be divided into 3 categories:

1- Light upholstered furniture

white corner sofa

This includes white, grey, beige and all pastel shades of color. The first three are considered neutral colors and look great in any style and finish.

But this color is not the most practical: any dirt is perfectly visible on white and other light shades.

This is not a contraindication to purchase: just choose upholstered furniture with Easy Clean upholstery and be prepared to periodically spend time.

2- Dark colors of sofas

black corner sofa

Black and all deep shades of any color: from neutral grey or brown to burgundy, indigo and emerald.

It is believed that the dark color of the sofa is more practical: but this is not entirely true. For example, animal hair and any debris on dark fabric will be noticeable exactly no less than on boiling white.

However, dark upholstered furniture looks more compact and elegant: therefore, if you do not have pets, feel free to purchase a similar sofa.


3- Upholstered furniture in bright colors

Green, yellow, red, blue, purple or turquoise – today you can find bright sofas for every taste.

Often they are chosen for children, but in the living room or in the kitchen, such an interior item can also look quite harmonious.

Practicality depends on the saturation and depth of color, as well as the chosen fabric: a smooth mat, for example, will attract much less dust than velvet.

yellow sofa

The colors of sofas in the living room interior are not limited by almost anything other than your personal preferences.

Neutral tones, bright and dark colors are suitable here. Solid colors and original prints.

To make the right choice, you should consider:

  • Room size.
  • The dimensions of the sofa itself.
  • Color type of upholstery (plain or patterned).
  • The shade of the walls, floor.
  • Coloring of other pieces of furniture.

Conclusion: sofas in neutral upholstery of medium saturation are the most practical.

But if you do not have small children and pets, or you are ready to clean its surface about once a week, the choice of the color of upholstered furniture is not limited by anything.

We select the color according to the color scheme

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