In our era of unlimited freedom of choice when buying a sofa, an infinite variety of options open up.

At first, it seems that you know exactly what you want. But as soon as you enter a salon or open an online catalogue, the variety of styles, shapes and alternatives is overwhelming.

A few tips will help you save time and money and avoid future disappointments, allowing you to get a clear idea of ​​what you really want (and what you need!) Even before you start hunting.

9 Important Tips for choosing the right sofa:

grey velvet sofa

Sit on the couch: if it squeaks, then the couch frame is loose and won’t last long enough for you.

It is better to choose the base from steel: the cost of the sofa will be higher, but metal is the most durable material.

Wood takes the second place in strength, but the most fragile base will be made of chipboard, but it is also the most budgetary. The armrests are usually firmly knocked into the mainframe – they should neither move nor wobble.

2- Durable padding

velvet 2 seater sofa

Corners and frame must be carefully padded. Run your hand over them, firmly pressing your palm: if there are any defects, you will immediately feel them.

Thanks to the good upholstery of the frame and corners, the fabric on the top of the sofa wipe less. And this, in turn, means that the original appearance will remain much longer.

Pay attention to the drawings and lines: they should connect correctly, smooth lines without sharp transitions at the seams.

Even if there is a small error, you should not choose such a sofa: thoughts of a defect will not leave you.

3- Convenient mechanism

If you are looking for a sofa bed, it is important to carefully check the entire structure and fixtures – they should work smoothly and easily.

There are three main folding mechanisms: a “book”, a roll-out sofa and a module. When choosing a sofa for sleeping, rely on the model that is easiest to use, because you will be laying it out at least twice a day.

Furniture with a good, high-quality mechanism, as a rule, is more expensive, because, in addition to the sofa itself, you pay extra for the construction, and it will not be superfluous to check it right in the store.

4- High-quality filler

cotton sofa

Seating cushions should be well-padded and fit snugly on the sofa and should be the right size for the sofa.

In addition, They should easily regain their shape after you apply pressure to them with your hand. If the dents still remain, abandon the purchase.

Most likely, the material with which they are stuffed is of poor quality and will not last you long.

5- Good build

white velvet sofa

If you have chosen a sofa with a metal frame or details, pay attention to their shape. All sharp corners must be smoothed and rounded, otherwise, you risk snagging upholstery, clothing, or even injury.

Another important safety point: hard and sharp parts that protrude from the back of the sofa. They should not be in any case! They not only spoil the appearance of furniture but can also cause injury.

6- Perfect shape for the sofa

genuine leather sofa

Comfort, comfort and more comfort. First of all, you should be comfortable on the couch. Sit or lie down on it right in the store.

See if the sofa suits you in terms of the height of the back: the taller the person, the higher it should be.

As for the shape, it all depends on the size of the room where the new sofa will arrive: if there is a free corner, then a corner sofa is a good solution.

It will not take up precious space in the centre of the room and will cover an empty corner. If the area is very small, then stop at a straight two- or three-seat model.

7- Choose your style

It can be difficult to decide on your own style, but only relying on your taste can you choose a sofa that will harmoniously fit into the overall interior. Simple and practical shapes and rich colors.

8- Examine the upholstery materials

natural fabric sofa

Aesthetics are important, but functionality is key when it comes to upholstery choices. As great as white suede is, buying such a sofa will be a disaster if there are animals or small children in the house.

Dark leather, on the other hand, is both stylish and easy to clean. Alternatively, outdoor fabric upholstery for outdoor furniture can be used successfully in the home. Such furniture will definitely withstand exposure to direct sunlight, moisture or pets.

9- Neutral, bright, colored

elegant living room

New upholstery can transform and personalize furniture beyond recognition at a minimal cost. Don’t be afraid to choose a sofa with a fun, unique print!

The pattern of the upholstery can radically change the perception of the situation.

If you’re worried about experimenting with the bold colors and patterns of the sofa itself, try a bright ottoman or coffee table first – to complement more conservative sofas and armchairs, this accent will make the interior play in a new way.


No matter how much you want to save money, you have to admit that it is impossible to buy a good sofa cheaply.

All parts from the frame to the upholstery must be of high quality, which means that they require corresponding costs.

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