It is impossible to imagine a living room without a sofa, an object that can make any interior cosy, regardless of shape and color.

The living room design with a brown sofa is a classic that never goes out of style. Let’s figure out how to choose the model and shade of brown sofa, and how to choose the right surrounding palette.

genuine leather sofa

The term “brown” hides a whole gamut of shades, from dark chocolate and wenge to caramel and sand.

All of them fall under the definition of a natural palette, as they are common in nature, and therefore are familiar to human perception.

Brown has many associations associated with food and drinks, which is fixed in the names of the shades: chocolate, coffee, caramel, cocoa.

It is not surprising that upholstered furniture sets you in a positive mood, calms becomes a symbol of reliability and stability. The brown palette attracts with the following set of qualities :

  • The variety of shades is an important feature. Thanks to it, you can easily choose a color for a dark sofa in a light interior, or fit it into a dark environment.
  • The natural palette has a beneficial effect on the psyche, is involved in creating a comfortable, safe atmosphere.
  • The colors are considered universal since they are organically combined with a variety of colors: neutral, bright, muted, pastel.
  • The brown sofa is appropriate for classic and modern interiors. It will be a luxurious addition if you choose the right color and shape.
  • Furniture of traditional shades is considered the most practical: traces of use are less noticeable on it (when compared with light models).

A brown sofa will seem like an alien element of the interior if its model does not correspond to the purpose of the room, and the colors do not fit into the design. To avoid this drawback, a dark brown sofa is chosen for large rooms with light finishes.

Design selection

brown leather sofa

Often, a living room with a brown sofa turns into a guest bedroom. In this case, you cannot do without a model with a full-fledged berth function.

Such transformers differ in design features (an installed mechanism), dimensions and capacity. The following types of designs are popular:

  • Unfolding. Ideal for a small or one-room apartment. The group includes a veteran of the domestic market.Roll-out / pull-out . The strongest and most durable models of these structures. These include the Eurobook sofa, “Dolphin”, “Puma”, “Pantograph”, “Konrad”. Their transformation mechanism consists of pushing the seat forward and lowering the backrest in its place.
  • Unfolding. The folding sofas are equipped with an unusual mechanism: they turn into a bed by pulling on a hidden loop. There are several models of clamshells: Italian, French, American, “Accordion”, differing in the transformation mechanism.

For a spacious living room, you can choose both a transforming and non-collapsible or designer model. Corner sofas are popular, which are represented by the following design options:

  • Soft models without a sliding mechanism . Such a sofa is most often placed in a living room or study. It is intended for a short rest, often with additional small pads under the head or back.
  • Sliding. An attractive option for a studio apartment with ample storage space for bedding. Small transformer models are installed in the kitchen.
  • Modular. They consist of at least three elements: corner, armchair and canapes. The installation sequence of the elements varies depending on the wishes of the owners and the characteristics of the room.
  • With additional details . Some models of corner sofas have additional functionality: a pull-out table, a mini-cabinet, shelves in the side. This allows you to keep a lot of small things close at hand, from books to charging your phone.

Popular shades

flock fabric

A living room interior with a brown sofa can look different, depending on the color of the furniture and upholstery. All the variety of shades of brown can be divided into the following groups:

  • Dark brown (dark chocolate). Such a sofa fits well into a strict classic interior, decorated in a restrained color palette. A small living room can look ridiculous if not supported by dark trim or decor. If maintained, chances are good that the room will look gloomy.
  • Wenge (dark chocolate with a reddish tint) . A deep, unusual color suitable for classic interiors. Combination with black, purple or navy blue finishes is depressing.
  • Beige and brown . A large group of shades, including light brown and tan varieties. Delicate shades of milk chocolate, beige, caramel, cinnamon are used in classic, modern and eclectic interiors.
  • Gray brown . Sand shades are considered versatile; they can be warm or cold, and can easily fit into any room style.
  • Cocoa (chocolate) . Deep warm color, often with a pronounced red component. A chocolate sofa in the interior of the living room of this color creates a comfortable feeling of home.

Upholstery selection

How to clean a leather sofa

The material of the upholstery has a great influence on the perception of the sofa.

When comparing different upholstery materials, they take into account not only their own characteristics but also their correspondence to the chosen style. The following materials are also suitable for the upholstery of sofas:

  • Leather. Leather upholstery makes any interior elegant. With proper care, it has enviable durability; the only drawback is the high price.
  • Artificial leather . For supporters of the eco-movement, there are two alternatives to a natural product: leatherette and eco-leather. Leatherette is a cheap, but capricious material to use, even with perfect care, it will not last long. Eco-leather is durable, hypoallergenic and not afraid of moisture, but also needs special care.
  • Suede . Natural suede is an expensive material that is pleasant to the touch and needs careful maintenance. Synthetic suede is easier to use and maintain; it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or brush.
  • Corduroy, micro-corduroy. The chocolate-coloured ribbed sofa looks extremely elegant and fits in with many styles. The minus of soft decorative upholstery is that it wipes off quickly during intensive use.
  • Chenille . Soft and pleasant to the touch upholstery material, resistant to deformation and fading. Chenille looks like corduroy; it is an excellent option for a sofa in the living room or nursery. Cons of fabric: It absorbs moisture and is not suitable for a home with pets.

Then after learning more information about the brown sofa, we will learn about the rules for combining with other colors in addition to how to interior design and styles with the brown sofa.

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