A separate dining room in home interior design seems to us an innovation. In fact, this is a well-forgotten old thing.

During the Soviet period, apartments with small kitchens appeared, in which there was no place for a full-fledged dining room. Until the 19th century, having a separate dining area was considered a sign of good form.

Dining room – a room in the house intended for eating. Traditionally for today’s society, it is just a table with chairs somewhere in the corner, in the kitchen. This part of the house is being unfairly deprived of attention in design. After all, it also carries a certain functionality.

The dining room interior reflects the owner’s lifestyle and habits. Therefore, by location in the house, it can be divided into:

  • separate dining room.
  • kitchen and dining room.
  • kitchen-living room with dining area.

Separate dining room

In the Middle Ages, an entire floor in the house was given for the dining room to show the status of the owner. Now they do it for their own convenience and allocate one room.

Such an idea is suitable for the interior design of a dining room in a private house or provided that the apartment has extra square meters.

The advantage is that you can receive a large number of guests and effectively set the table. Negative: Most likely, the dining room will only be used for special events or Sunday lunches.

A separate room is a great option if you often receive guests and a festive atmosphere for reception is important to you. And also if your family has a habit to gather at a common table for each meal.

Kitchen-dining room

dining roon and living room

The most common type of location. Traditionally, the kitchen is simply allocated an area for the dining group. This is a way out for owners of small-sized housing. Two rooms combine and zone the space.

Suitable for those who love to cook and gather the whole family at the table for everyday meals or who do not have the opportunity to separate the dining room. The kitchen-dining room is made in interiors for small families who need a small dining area.

Kitchen-living room with dining area

The design involves combining the functions of cooking, eating and resting. In a private house or apartment, it is possible by demolishing a wall or uniting in one space.

In such a room, you can hold lavish feasts, fun parties. You do not need to sit at the table for the whole celebration, you can sit on a soft sofa and at the same time remain in the company.

For large families, this is a great way to combine everyday life and communication with children. Of the minuses: you won’t be able to retire in the living room and clutter in one place means clutter everywhere.

Organization of the dining room

luxury dining room

At first, it may seem that you can’t think of anything interesting in the design of the dining room. I put a table with chairs and everything is ready.

A common mistake is not to pay attention to this area; it has the same function as everyone else. Let it not play a major role in the interior, but it is the final note in a harmonious design.

The wrong style of furniture or its arrangement can ruin the whole picture. Therefore, we will analyze the components of a successful project in an apartment and a private house.

Planning solution

white dining room chairs

The concept of the dining room and its appearance depends on this. Determine its location according to your needs. If this is a separate room, then you can choose any style. If combined with a kitchen or living room, do the same design.

Any combination of functions in one place implies zoning. For this technique, you can use both partitions and furniture.

It is not necessary to completely demolish the wall during redevelopment. An open opening can be made to add air and space, but still, leave separation.

In the kitchen-living room, place the dining group between the cooking and relaxation area. It’s more practical.

If the private house has a panoramic wall with access to the terrace, place the table opposite it. It will turn out to be very atmospheric and unusual.

It’s a good idea to make a dining room in the hall. Especially true for apartments with a small kitchen.

With limited square meters, the dining area can be placed in an angular and linear version. Instead of a window sill, make a tabletop with bar stools.

Place a bench or an original bench on one side of the table. This will increase the number of seats for guests.

In larger rooms or a private home, you can place a table in the centre of the room. Add a bar counter, island or U-shaped kitchen set, which is convenient for breakfast and snacks.

Finish and color

The dining room is considered a living area, so there are no restrictions on the choice of materials for the design. Except when it’s a small kitchen and a wet area is very close. Then ceramic tiles and dense vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven base are suitable.

The finishing depends on the chosen style and color scheme. In a separate room, one-tone walls look spectacular, and accents can be done with decor and furniture. Most often, the table is in the middle, which already stands out.

Use different textures and colors for zoning combined rooms. The dining area can be highlighted with wallpaper, decorative bricks, plaster or clapboard. The table against the background of such a wall looks original.


dining room with warm lighting

Light is one of the zoning methods. He is also able to increase space, change colors, highlight interesting textures. The dining room needs proper lighting.

The light should be soft and slightly dim. Enough 50W lamps.

The ideal placement of the lamps is above the dining table. Designers advise to hang at a distance of 170 cm from the floor or 70 cm from the countertop.

This arrangement will not interfere and shine directly into the eyes. If you are building a private home for yourself, be sure to design natural lighting.

Dining room furniture

Of course, the main objects of the dining room are the dining table and chairs. The most popular table options are round and long rectangular.

They are often found in private homes. For small spaces, choose oval and angular. There are also semicircular models with one straight edge, which is attached to the wall.

An island or a peninsula, a bar counter, in continuation of a tabletop or instead of a window sill are suitable for a kitchen-dining room.

Made of materials, wood is a classic. Glass and plastic are used in modern styles. For luxurious designs, stone countertops are available.

The transforming table is convenient for large companies. If space permits, it is better to place the dining group in the center. This will provide free access to the table from all sides. For a small kitchen, a window seat is a good option.

Dining room chairs are not only functional furniture, but decor. If square meters allow, you can choose massive chairs, with armrests or half-chairs. Banquettes and ottomans make the design unique.

In a modest environment, chairs should be lightweight and compact. For a small kitchen, you can put a corner dining set.

The built-in sofa looks original on one side of the table. It is not necessary to make a niche, you can simply put tall shelves or cabinets on the sides.

Many have forgotten about attributes such as a sideboard, a console and a sideboard. This furniture is designed for storing party dishes, textiles and cutlery. Most often used for separate dining rooms in private homes.

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