For a laconic grey design, fixtures in the form of spotlights or a rich forged chandelier with crystal elements are suitable. Thanks to soft lighting, it will turn out to add new colors and beautiful shimmer to the room.

Lamps with colorful shades or colored lighting will also be appropriate here, which can become an incredible rich accent of the living room and completely transform the interior.

Various decorative objects will help to complete the design of the hall and deprive it of excessive severity and boringness.

Silver, gold, glass and crystal elements will look sophisticated and elegant on a light grey background. You can modify the interior perception using a variety of figurines, vases, wall mirrors or paintings.

For the most relaxed design, the decor is used in muted colors, and accessories in bright colors for a contrasting and emotional setting.

Furniture in the grey living room is complemented with fur capes and the room is decorated with live potted plants, vases with freshly cut flowers or pots with mini trees.

Which curtains to choose for grey living room furniture?

cream and grey living room

To create a more classic setting, choose sand, cream, beige, pale blue or pink-peach curtains.

Yellow or orange curtains are in good harmony with the smoky interior palette, giving the hall a certain emotionality.

Patterned textiles with elegant stripes, floral prints or abstraction can be matched to a plain wall covering.

What kind of furniture will fit?

grey living room decoration

Gray furniture will not overload the living room and at the same time make it elegant. White or black furnishings will perfectly fit into the design. As a stylish accessory, the monochrome room can also be complemented with a red armchair or other bright elements.

Wooden furniture in grey looks perfect. Light grey bedside tables, cabinets, shelves and tables, when the luminous flux falls at a certain angle, seem like marble or stone products.

The living room can be fitted with a sofa with exquisite upholstery in a metallic shade or wet asphalt. Natural leather, leatherette or luxurious tapestry are chosen as the covering material.

Hall decoration in various styles

Quartz, coal, anthracite, granite and other grey colors best reveal the specifics of various style solutions.

Modern style in the interior of a grey living room

elegant grey living room furniture

For example, for the high-tech direction, a silver and steel palette is especially often used, which is combined with white, black, red colors, metal and glass elements.

Authentic Scandinavian homes offer pearl grey tones, while French interiors are warm and soft grey.

The monochrome scale is almost an integral part of laconic minimalism. The interior is sometimes diluted with a bright accent in the form of a wall picture, sofa cushions or one armchair.

Gray is no less popular in the industrial loft style. Concrete, brick or plaster surfaces work well with light grey curtains and a mouse-colored sofa.

Classic style in the living room

monochromatic colour scheme

Light grey shades of Gainsborough or zircon blend into the classic design and are ideally combined with snow-white stucco décor and carved or forged wood furnishings.

For neoclassicism, the use of elegant grey-beige colors is assumed. To create a truly aristocratic atmosphere, the living room is decorated with bronze decor, crystal lamps and furnishings with golden or silver patina.

The austere, elegant and sophisticated grey shade allows you to favourably emphasize the beauty, original shapes and textures of the living room.

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