A lifesaver that shows you exactly how to match the color of the sofa to the interior – the color wheel.

There can be several color plans, according to this tool:

1- monochromatic color scheme

In simple terms, you need to combine shades of the same color in the setting: blue + blue, lilac + purple. In this case, it is better that the color of the sofa is brighter than the wall decoration.

monochromatic colour scheme

2- Analog combination.

As a rule, 2 shades are taken, located side by side: blue-green, green-yellow, red-orange.

3- Complementary combination.

The color of the sofa, in this case, will be the opposite of the rest of the design: yellow-purple, green-red.


In addition to duets, there are also triads on Itten’s circle: they should be used carefully, especially if you are new to design.

  • Classical triad: Three tones that are equally spaced (after 3 sectors) from each other.
  • Analog triad: 3 colors located next to each other (the most harmoniously verified option).
  • Contrasting triad: Two shades, one from each other and one opposite.

What interior elements should be combined with?

Monochrome room

It is easier and more logical to choose a sofa in the color of the walls in the interior. There are 5 color plans , partially overlapping with the schemes from the previous section:

  • Monochrome . A rich gray sofa in a light gray room, or a calm blue in a dark blue.
  • Neutrality . The most versatile choice: the same discreet shade is matched to gray-beige, white and black finishes. Example: a white sofa for a beige bedroom.
  • Neutrality + color . It is difficult to find the perfect sofa to match the color of bright wallpaper: the easiest way is to opt for a universal model of sand, whitish, grayish tones.
  • Color + neutrality . You can dilute the neutral interior and put the right accent using the bright color of the sofa. It is not necessary to choose the most saturated shades, it is enough to find a fabric 2-3 tones darker than the walls.
  • Combination . Follow the principle of complementary combination with other colors: choose the most contrasting combined colors of the sofa and walls.

Advice ! If you are in doubt about choosing a shade, opt for a universal and discreet one. In the future, you can easily transform it with bright pillows and blankets.

small spaces living room

We’ve covered the color choices for a sofa in a light room, but what if the walls are dark? Versions are about the same: dark sofa color to match the room, contrasting light or contrasting bright.

  • The dark sofa will “dissolve” against the wall of the same tone.
  • Any bright shades will look even brighter if their background is black or graphite.
  • White upholstery, even without additional color accents, will definitely attract the attention of guests.
mustard sofa

When creating a cozy seating area, it is important to choose the color of the sofa not only in accordance with large surfaces such as walls and floors.

You should also pay attention to other furniture and textiles.

When combining furniture with other interior items, you need to pay attention not only to their colors, but also to the shades of the environment.

That is, if you have neutral walls and a contrasting armchair, it is recommended to choose the color of the sofa either for the first or for the second option. If the whole environment is calm, a modern colored ottoman may be suitable.

As for textiles, remember one rule. Changing curtains, pillows, rugs and even carpet is much easier and cheaper than the upholstery on the sofa.

Therefore, it is desirable, of course, that the furniture be in harmony with the textiles – but if this does not work out, change the choice of decor, not the sofa.

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