The resting place in the living room should be comfortable and functional. Sofas of unusual shapes are popular today.

When buying, you should pay attention to the simplicity of the transformation of the structure, the reliability of the mechanism.

If the item is intended only for receiving guests, then its appearance will be the priority when choosing.

A high-quality product will not hold together, does not squeeze. The sofa has a symmetrical shape, upholstered with wear-resistant material.

If the set includes covers for furniture, then this will extend its service life. It will always look clean and easier to care for.

The sofa should be in harmony with the environment, have a hypoallergenic filler.

blue sofa uk

Actual color solutions

pastel sofa

Furniture manufacturers suggest paying attention to pastel shades. There are many products on sale in gray, pale blue, pink.

You can also pick up a bright model for the interior of an emerald or burgundy tone.

Color of mustard

A spectacular piece of interior will fill the room with warmth, bring comfort and positive energy. By looking at the latest sofas, you can find your ideal type.

A sofa of this color makes the interior unique. This item will be a great decor for a living room or other room.

The amazing shade looks great in retro directions and modern styles.

mustard velvet sofa

Mint option

mint green sofa

Neo-mint has long been in trend. Interior items of this tone are in fashion this year.

The large mint sofa will bring freshness to the room. This amazing shade will be the link between modern technology and nature. It will suit any style.

A sofa of this color will be combined with peach, purple, white textiles. It will refresh the golden range, add romance to the powdery shade. This fresh and gentle tone will oxygenate the room.


coral sofa

A bright sofa will become an effective decoration of the room. The rest of the interior elements should be in light colors. This solution will ideally fit into a room decorated in a modern style.


Today velvet is the king of interiors. It is used for upholstery and other decor. Fashionable sofas look sophisticated and elegant in living rooms. Soft and comfortable items are suitable for any room.

Variety of shapes

Sofas are becoming an important design element today. Consumers prefer to buy bright models.

The design of the sofa plays an important role in the selection, but do not forget about other characteristics.

Corner option

When buying furniture, you need to think in advance where it will be installed. It is not always possible to place a model of a standard shape in a room.

Then they choose more compact options. An excellent solution would be a corner sofa. It takes up less space as it is installed in a corner.

In such furniture, shelves, niches, storage compartments are usually provided. A beautiful and functional design will help zone the space.

corner sofa for small living room


Sink sofas covered in velor will decorate interiors in different styles. Products on metal or wooden legs have a comfortable shape. They will allow you to rest comfortably after a difficult day.

Finishing trends for furniture

Wood items and contrasting combinations are in fashion. For the halls, cabinet and modular furniture in dark colors is chosen. Glass and metal elements are used to decorate products.

For sofas this season, they use bronze or cognac leather. Terracotta tones, ocher play a key role in furniture decoration.

Pastel colors, oriental patterns are at their peak of popularity. Beautiful products should be practical and comfortable for the living room to cause real delight.

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