The world of sofas has its own styles and history. These are not just soft pillows and volumes bonded together on a specific frame.

Some of them have a real aristocratic pedigree, others were invented specifically for mass production at affordable prices, and still others simply have a unique look.

In this article, we will consider the most popular sofa design options and what interior styles they fit, and most importantly, we will find out which one you personally like!

Remember that the upholstery, in this case, does not matter – the style determines the shape, the design of the sofa, and not the format of the fabric, the presence of embroidery or the number of pillows.

There is another interesting pattern in sofa design styles – most of them were created in France and the UK. And even if you look at traditional Indian or, for example, Spanish sofas, you will find them in all respects lagging behind these – soft, elegant French and English.

Chesterfield sofa

luxury chesterfield sofa

Chesterfield is an English sofa developed in Great Britain back in the 1900s. It has the characteristic rounded armrests and backrest, stands on wooden legs and is decorated using the capitonné technique.

A Chesterfield is a perfect sofa for interior design. Such sofas can be upholstered with leather and leatherette, as well as velvet, flock and velour. The Chesterfield sofa is more often used for a study or living room in the loft, English and Victorian styles.

These three styles cover almost 70% of its use cases. It usually uses leather upholstery in brown, black, reddish-brown. By the way, lately, Chesterfield with velvet or flock upholstery fell in love with all fashion designers working with neoclassicism.

As such, it often has purple, dark blue, emerald, burgundy or other deep and sensual hues, such as black or fuchsia.

Tuxedo sofa

velour sofa

Tuxedo is an English sofa that was designed by designers specifically for gentlemen’s clubs in the city center, where experts from different fields discussed business and hobbies over a glass of whiskey and cigars.

Taxido is not a very popular style of sofas in Russia, but everything changes with the entry into the arena of premium interiors in art decor, neoclassic, Venetian and English styles.

Taxido sofas fit perfectly into glamorous interiors with a special shine and chic, as well as into traditional interiors with an English, American or Dutch charm.

Camelback sofa

Camelback is a sofa that has the shape of a back, similar to the back of a camel, which is why it got that name. Camelback is currently most commonly used in velvet or velor (flock) upholstery in small city apartments.

Initially, it was popular in aristocratic mansions and large apartments, for example, in the center of Paris or London.

Due to its neat silhouette and small size, camelback is often used in styles such as: retro 60s , Scandinavian (an eclectic version of this style), Parisian , English, American, only in urban versions.

Chaise Lounge or couch (Chaise Longue)

Chaise Lounge or couch (Chaise Longue) is a small sofa with a small back for one person. In the Russian market, this type of sofa is often confused with a chaise longue or even a banquet.

But Chase’s Lounge is more elegant than a regular chaise longue and not as simple as a banquet, which is essentially a long ottoman.

Chaise longue or couch (Meridienne)

Chaise longue or couch (Meridienne) – this term refers to both the wide part protruding forward on the corner sofa and a freestanding chaise longue of the same format. Unlike Chase, chaise longues are often modern, minimalist, and otherwise, while Chase are more elegant.

Lawson sofa

small spaces living room

Lawson is one of the most popular sofa types in the world. In fact, it is possibly even the most common in the European and American markets.

Lawson is a very generic name for many modern models, a distinctive feature of which is the low rise and wide shape of the sofa itself.

Lawson is one of those styles that are easily recognizable by the silhouette, although his image is greatly blurred due to the fact that each firm and brand is making their own changes to this model.

It is also very important to know that Lawsons are as versatile as possible – they fit equally well into the American interior, as well as into the styles: minimalism, Asian and Coastal.

Scandinavian sofa

monochromatic colors

You can easily recognize the Scandinavian style in sofa design if you have ever been to an IKEA store. In this case, we are talking about a rather minimalistic image of a 2 or 3-seater sofa with clearly traced cushions for the seat and backs, with small textile armrests and most often wooden legs. It almost always comes with chairs.

The upholstery of a Scandinavian sofa is usually artificial and durable, practical, and the cover is easily removable. Of the shades, blue, gray, gray-blue, ash gray, white, various pastel colors are popular here.

Knole sofa

Knole is one of those types of sofas that we can recognize by just one element – the side armrests, which here practically become side backs for the seated person. This element makes such sofas as comfortable and very elegant as possible.

Venetian and Victorian sofa

Victorian sofa

Venetian and Victorian sofa is a special classic style in the design of sofas that can be used in interiors: Baroque, Rococo, Victorian, Classic, Venetian, Moorish and others.

Usually, such a sofa has rounded armrests in the form of a small semi-spiral, almost oval backs with cut edges, framed in wood, sometimes with gilding or silvering. For the upholstery of such a sofa, very high-quality fabrics are used, often with large patterns.

Best types of couches material

Luxury Living Room

Convenience is the main indicator for a sofa, but the practical side of the issue is no less important.

Consider three main types of upholstery:

  • Leather: An expensive material that will add a touch of luxury to the environment. Hardwearing but poor breathability. Not comfortable for exposed parts of the body.
  • Made of eco-leather: Combines the advantages of leather upholstery (strength, appearance), but costs less, and the tactile sensations are many times more pleasant.
  • Fabric: Provides unlimited possibilities for design and texture. It is recommended to choose fabric that is resistant to dirt and stress: matting, velor, flock, jacquard, tapestry.

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