Creating a beautiful room in the hall requires a lot of effort and the use of interesting ideas and non-standard solutions for the interior of the living room. Even in a small apartment, it is realistic to allocate such a space.

There are many interior styles for the hall, and each is determined by the decor elements and your personal preferences.

The living room is the place where the whole family gathers, where they conduct conversations and communicate. Depending on the functionality of the room, it can combine an office, a nursery and a bedroom.

An overview of most beautiful living rooms in modern styles and will help you choose a living room design concept, find the best ideas, unusual and fashionable solutions

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The modern style is multifunctional. The living room in this design looks very stylish. The design features include light walls, symbolic accessories and pale shades. When decorating the floor with a parquet board, it is better to choose white and gray tones.

The following style features are distinguished:

  • Minimalism in decor, furnishings and colors. Smooth and straight surfaces have no expressive ornaments.
  • Compliance with geometry. The design is carried out taking into account straight lines, obvious angles and planes.
  • Calm shades. Monochrome tones are applied.

Classic style

Beautiful interiors of living rooms in classic-style houses imply the application of ideas of perfection and perfection.

The design is characterized by all kinds of accessories and elements for decoration. Decor items should look luxurious, but not pompous. For example, as in the photo of a living room in beige shades or for a classic-style room with a mirror.

Interesting solutions in the interior of the living room assume the presence of the following elements:

  • Wall and ceiling stucco mouldings as a decorative part of classic furnishings.
  • Natural fireplaces or false analogues in the form of electrical appliances or fireplaces.
  • Arches and columns.
  • Massive, but not bulky pieces of furniture. The designs look rich and stylish.
  • Cornices over window openings installed along the perimeter of the room.
  • The predominance of natural materials – metal, silk and wood.
  • Elegantly framed mirrors, paintings and candlesticks.
  • Plaster sculptures and crystal chandeliers.

The right decor is the finishing touch to a classic living room. The use of expensive accessories and antiques is encouraged. Particular attention is paid to the competent zoning of space.

The compositional center can be in the form of a coffee table and a common TV. Free-standing groups of furniture are used – a table ensemble for tea parties or board games.

The fireplace area is complemented by a table and armchairs with ottomans. Mini library with compact sofa and free-standing console with floor lamps.

Contrary to popular belief about classic design, you should not use fringe, lush ruffles, gilding, wrought-iron furniture or pretentious stained-glass windows in the room.

In our selection, we offer photo projects of the best living room interiors in warm and cold colors.

Scandinavian style

grey living room decoration

The unusual interior of the living room in the Scandinavian style is characterized by naturalness, simplicity and lightness.

In the home laconic design, pastel shades prevail – light brown, blue, beige and grey. The main color of Scandinavian interiors is white.

But to liven up the atmosphere, it is worth adding a few color accents. For this, red, blue and green shades are used.

The main features of the style:

  • The uses of natural materials – stone, wood, cotton, leather, ceramics.
  • Linen and cotton fabrics.
  • Decoration of window openings with wood.
  • Beige or white plaster.
  • Plain fluffy rugs.
  • Wood floors in light colors.

There is a minimum of decorative elements in the Scandinavian design, but they should be simple and bright. Mirrors that fill the room with sunlight and visually enlarge it would be a good solution. A feature of the Scandinavian style is mainly light shades.

Lighting sources are an important point. These can be floor lamps, lamps and table lamps.


A room with this design resembles a part of a factory or a warehouse. The furnishings contain elements of the raw surface of the floor, ceiling and walls. The living room has large window openings. Wooden stairs and metal products are used for decoration.

The surface of the walls suggests a rough finish. Decorating in light colors allows for good lighting. Accessories are used in small quantities. Aged pieces of furniture are placed around the room.

Ventilation pipes and communications can be left open. Chrome elements are perfectly combined with untreated surfaces.


cream and grey living room

Minimalism is distinguished by a sophisticated and simple design. A feature is the severity and freedom of space.

This style is a combination of functionalism and constructivism. A living room in this style is intended for rest and relaxation after a stressful day.

When decorating the interior, the following features are taken into account:

  • Space zoning.
  • Getting rid of unnecessary items.
  • Proportionality in decor.
  • The atmosphere of spaciousness.
  • Discreet color palette.

The interior of fashionable living rooms shows a minimal amount of furniture, good lighting and a monochrome color palette.

To increase the space, zoning is used with the help of lighting, the joining of rooms and the dismantling of partitions.

in the style of minimalism, it involves a minimum number of items, decor and details. The design is a functional environment with a clear organization of space.

Minimalism needs accents so that it doesn’t seem impersonal. One of the walls can be decorated with paintings.

Modern classic

How to clean a fabric sofa

Neoclassicism, which emerged in the 18-19th centuries, is still popular today. A living room in the style of a modern classic can be quite functional and technological. Design features:

  • Symmetry is achieved by using paired elements – armchairs, floor lamps and vases.
  • Smooth and simple lines, sophisticated furniture sets.
  • A large amount of free light space.
  • Use of arches.
  • A combination of natural materials and practical coatings.

Portals, draperies and textile wallpaper remained from early classicism in modern furnishings. A modern interior should not be bulky and too fundamental.

It is important to choose the right shades in order to create an atmosphere with an aristocratic atmosphere. For this, noble and restrained shades are chosen.

After reading more about the different styles of living room design, read about choosing the perfect sofa to design an elegant living room.

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