Today, a large number of different decorative elements are used to complement the interior of residential premises.

Sofa pillows belong to the category of such products, therefore they are presented in a variety of types, shapes, sizes and designs, which has led to their increased demand among designers and those who are engaged in home furnishing on their own.

There are many types of couch cushion shapes and material, so learn about the features of cushions to make the right choice.

sofa cushions, which can be found in almost any home, have long gone beyond purely utilitarian functions, so now quite important tasks are entrusted to such products – they have become a full-fledged element of room decor, on which the atmosphere of the room will largely depend.

Pillows in different designs are used not only to increase comfort while relaxing on the sofa, but they also decorate furniture, set a certain style in the living room, bedroom or other living space, and set accents in the interior.

cushions for sofa

Designers who use such products in their work manage to successfully zone the space in a living room, even the most ordinary rooms with correctly selected products become more comfortable and homely.

The presence of interesting and in harmony with the general decoration of decorative sofa accessories will create a soft corner for relaxation, which will become the most beloved place of all households without exception.

cream sofa living room

Such multifunctional products can be presented in different colors and sizes; a correctly selected number of furniture pillows of an unusual shape can become a bright accent in a room.

The appearance of the accessories will indicate the taste of the owners of the premises, as well as their sense of style.

A distinctive feature of all furniture pillows is practicality, as well as the availability of such products for everyone.

In addition, it is quite possible to make an exclusive accessory on your own, transforming your home, giving the room new notes.

Products can be changed depending on mood, seasonality and other nuances, in the light of which any living room, bedroom, nursery or hall will sparkle with new colors.

Designers often use interesting techniques, alternating tonalities, playing on color contrast, combining different types of couch cushions shapes.

Types of couch cushion shapes

best types of couches fabric

manufacturers have divided the products of this category into several main varieties, taking into account the design features of the accessories.

Dumki cushion

Dumki cushion

The standard version, which is a small product. It can be used not only for decorative purposes but also for recreation.

Dumki can be placed under the back, head or legs, such pillows will allow you to relax your muscles, take a comfortable body position on the sofa.

Most often, the dummies have a square shape, which is considered an indisputable advantage of products, since such accessories will perfectly match any interior, they can be used on sofas of different configurations and sizes.


The next variety includes products of different shapes. These models are distinguished by the fact that their cover will be quilted along the perimeter while maintaining a certain symmetry of the stitching.


Pillows in this category stand out from the rest of the varieties for their elongated shape. Products can be large, which are used on an ottoman or sofa as armrests.

Also, long cushions can be placed under the back or head, using one or more products.

Pillows, available in non-standard sizes and shapes, are distinguished into a separate category.

These include children’s accessories, which in their appearance imitate animals, letters or numbers, and other geometric shapes.

mustard sofa with rollar cushions


Accessories from this category can be of any size and shape. Very often there are square and rectangular pillows on sale, and round products can also be found if necessary.

A distinctive feature of the product is its design in a pronounced oriental style. The decorations used deserve special attention of Turkish accessories – various assemblies, folds, covers with themed decor.

Types of sofa cushion Materials

cushion material

The fabric from which removable pillowcases or furniture pillow covers are made can be different.

Options made from natural, synthetic or combined fibres are available to buyers. Most often on sale, you can find pillows made of the following materials:

cushion material fabric
  • Soft suede: natural raw materials with a pleasant texture, which are specially processed during the manufacturing process.
  • Tapestry: natural or combined material with a dense pattern on the surface.
  • Brocade: silk raw materials, in the manufacturing process of which metal threads are used.
  • Jeans: an affordable and practical material made from natural fibres.
  • Burlap: natural yarn, consisting of hemp fibres.
  • flax: is an equally popular raw material used for the manufacture of covers for cushions.
  • fur: natural or synthetic.
  • natural or artificial leather.
  • cotton and coarse calico are simple natural materials often used in production.

Among the entire assortment, leather products stand out for a large number of advantages, since they have a respectable appearance.

Artificial varieties are distinguished by no less practicality and beauty. Leather pillows go well with any sofas, perfectly complement classic and modern interiors. The leather is practical and easy to clean.

Knitted pillowcases will become no less decoration in the room, it is quite possible to make them yourself or purchase a hand-made model, unique in its design. Such pillows have a positive effect on creating a cosy atmosphere in the room.

Products with pile covers are very popular. Typically, acrylic or fleece is used as the material for these pillowcases.

cosy living room ideas

In addition to the design of the top of the pillow, different fillers are used to create cushions. Today, there are models of the following varieties:

  • polyester – the material is suitable for cushions of different shapes and sizes;
  • holofiber: a practical filler that is resistant to fire, has water-repellent properties.
  • Fibre: the material does not allow air to pass through, quickly takes on its original shape after mechanical action.
  • Komer: is a novelty in the range of fillers, which stands out for its minimal weight and ease of maintenance;
  • cellophane – raw material, which is a weave of fibres with maximum tension.
  • synthetic winterizer – a proven filler for pillows, consisting of various kinds of synthetic fibres.
  • feather: There are products with filler in the form of goose or duck down and feathers, which will have a large mass, as well as a low level of hygiene.
cushion cover patterns


sofa cushion

As a rule, decorative furniture pillows are made in the form of a square with dimensions of 35×35 cm, 40×40 cm.

As for rectangular products, their dimensional grid varies within 20×70 cm, 35×50 cm, 30×40 cm, 40×65 cm.The sizes will directly depend on the shape.

Choose your filler carefully. Natural materials are expensive and require complex care.

If decorative pillows will be constantly used, it is advisable to give preference to synthetic fillers. Such pillows can be machine washed and retain their properties for several years.

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