The white living room looks very attractive and has a light, airy and spectacular setting. A light interior is a clean sheet that is suitable for the implementation of any image and the embodiment of various design ideas.

modern white living room furniture

Subject to certain design subtleties, you can achieve a truly beautiful living room design:

  • The white interior is simple and functional. Elements in snow-white colors have a very stylish and respectable look.
  • Shades of white contribute to the visual expansion of the space, so they are especially suitable for a small living room.
  • White surfaces are highly reflective and add extra volume to objects.
  • This color scheme is a great option for those who want to avoid unnecessary costs and repairs for a change of scenery. The white room can take on a whole new look with just an upgrade of accessories.

White living room decoration

elegant living room

The interior of the living room can be either completely made in white or have a fragmentary finish:

  • Walls: Wallpaper is used to decorate the walls. To prevent the setting from looking too boring, canvases with floral, geometric patterns, stripes or ethnic motifs are selected. Surfaces with textured plaster, decorative plates or paint have a very interesting look. A neutral white background provides an opportunity to create experiments using different textures. The walls can be laid out with a natural stone, untreated brick, or marble cladding and stucco mouldings.
  • Floor: The wooden floor will give the living room a special solidity. Thanks to the parquet board or embossed coating, it turns out to give the atmosphere a luxury. Tiles are also used for decoration, mainly in the form of small white elements, made in gloss.
  • Ceiling: For the ceiling plane, stretch plasterboard structures or classic whitewash are used.

In the white interior of the living room, you can create an accent wall by using photo wallpaper or applying various patterns.

Such a bright spot will form the effect of contrast in the room and add variety to the whole atmosphere.

white living room furniture ideas

white velvet sofa

White furniture made of wood, plastic or MDF looks solemn, elegant and chic. A large and spacious living room can be decorated with a spacious corner sofa with armchairs, and in a small room, you can install a small sofa and a couple of comfortable pouffes so as not to clutter up space.

For a visual increase, the room is decorated with a light sofa with leather upholstery, a bleached oak table, a carved sideboard, a laconic chest of drawers, a mirrored wardrobe or a white modular wall.

Dark furniture will look very fashionable in a white living room. Such contrasting inclusions in a monochrome interior add a noble and luxurious look to a simple room.

Decor and lighting ideas for white living room

white and grey living room furniture

As a lighting device, you can choose an elegant white chandelier with a long suspension. To create volumetric and local lighting, wall lamps with metallized shades are suitable.

A room with antique furniture, exclusive vases and rare paintings will be decorated with a crystal chandelier.

White walls make a great backdrop against which to hang photographs, panels, and other art objects.

The area near upholstered furniture is often decorated with a carpet with a long pile or a pleasant delicate texture.

A good solution would be a zebra mat, which combines black and white colors and, due to this, looks neutral and at the same time very elegant.

An interesting option would be decor in the form of textiles, for example, such as cushions, furniture capes or blankets with different textures.

Which curtains to choose for a white living room?

cosy living room

You can choose curtains by color in harmony with the walls or canvas with ornaments, the shade of which is combined with pieces of furniture or accessories.

To complement the white living room, the windows are decorated with cream, light gray, beige, mother-of-pearl curtains or ivory curtains. A good solution will be products made of fabric with a soft shine and play.

Black curtains have no less original and stylish look. This black and white combination, applied in proper proportions, is a win-win for guest room design.

White Living Room Design Ideas

The white palette is considered the most optimal choice for a small living room in Khrushchev. It promotes visual expansion of space, increases the height of the ceiling and fills the room with light.

For an even greater sense of spaciousness, multi-level lighting is organized in the room, mirror and glass elements are added to it, or the hall is combined with a balcony or kitchen.

The living room will look very noble in white with bright accents that are found in furniture upholstery, pillows or paintings.

The modern interior will be favorably complemented by lilac, turquoise or orange details, and for a more classic design, elements in gold or marble are suitable.

For an unusual design, a white living room is equipped with colored contrasting lighting. It can emphasize the layout of the room and be located on the walls or decorate furniture items.

An excellent design solution for the hall, both in a city apartment and in a country house, is to create a zone with a fireplace. In the design of the hearth, granite, brick, white rocks or textured tiles are used.

Combinations of white

blue and white living room

A classic technique is the use of a black and white combination. A living room in this range undoubtedly attracts attention.

A tandem of matte and glossy textures will look especially advantageous in this color combination. You can dilute the black and white duo with bright accents in rich reds, oranges or yellows.

The union of white with green or light green allows you to endow the atmosphere with lively notes, freshness and natural motives.

The grey and white living room has exquisite rigour. The purity of the white color will be favourably combined with the cold grey tint and give the design certain originality and pretentiousness.

The composition of white and brown fills the atmosphere with luxury and tranquillity. Such a pair forms a rather practical, comfortable, neat and well-groomed interior.

interior designs for living rooms

The white interior of the living room can be embodied in a wide variety of styles.

White living room in a modern style

White living room in a modern style

The palette of white shades is very often used in modern minimalist design. White tones combined with grey shades and well-chosen furnishings allow for a harmonious and cosy atmosphere.

There is no extra decor in the room, but for light walls, you can choose black and white photographs in monochrome frames.

In high-tech style, white, perfectly aligned, painted or plastered walls, combined with ceramic floor tiles and laminate flooring, can significantly expand the space. The interior uses multifunctional glass or plastic furniture with austere outlines.

White hall in classic style

In a snow-white living room in a classic style, the walls are decorated with beautiful paintings, the windows are decorated with thick curtains and the room is furnished with luxurious brown or grey-black furniture.

A fireplace with a white brick or marble finish will give the atmosphere a kind of romanticism.

Living room in Provence style

The Provence style room is characterized by delicate pastel shades and an abundance of the white palette.

Snow-white shades are harmoniously combined with lavender, pale yellow, blue, mint and pink tones.

French-style is distinguished by the presence of elegant furniture on graceful legs, wicker elements, openwork lace, flower arrangements and indoor potted plants.

Living room in Scandinavian style

scandinavian style living room

White is the leading color in Nordic design. This style is decorated with natural materials and textiles. Compact and functional wood furniture is used to arrange the living room. Brick, sand and chocolate colors are selected as companion colors.

The decor in the form of woollen blankets, pillows and scented candles adds a special cosiness to the atmosphere.

The use of white in the design of the living room is considered a great solution. This palette not only adds chic to the setting but also adjusts the space.

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